Long Term Sustainability

Eco Friendly

Less Emissions

Drive research and adoption of promising new technologies.

Investment in basic and industry-specific research, coupled with the right policies and incentives, will spur innovation to reduce emissions.

  • Embrace partnership between government and the private sector and increase funding for ongoing research on alternative fuels and advanced battery storage.
  • Expand and support the use of carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) through market development programs and tax incentives.
  • Provide operational and regulatory flexibilities so industry can test and deploy new technologies.

Allow partnerships between railroads and industry to advance sector-specific progress.

The rail industry has its own unique advantages and challenges in reducing its impact on the environment.

  • Ensure railroads can invest in maintaining and sustaining their infrastructure by preserving the current balanced economic regulatory system.
  • Allow innovation to guide GHG reductions and avoid prescriptive means for reducing emissions by certain industries — particularly those that have proven untenable, such as catenary electrification of the freight rail network.
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