June 2021

REF: Status Update

The past few weeks have been quite interesting.  First and foremost, we are pleased the Environmental Assessment process for the roads is entering into the Terms of Reference stage.  The Webequie and Marten Falls First Nations are the proponents on this critical step to establish an environmentally friendly and socially acceptable path forward.  We fully support the process being undertaken and will be supplying information as requested.

Rail-Veyor vs Heavy Haul Railroad.  Both options are being considered.  It is easy to envision a heavy-haul railroad and its associated benefits.  I was brought into the KWG team to build a heavy haul railroad and I have done a detailed review of this task.  Similarly, after investigating the option of new technology to move materials and goods, we believe Rail-Veyor can enhance the overall benefit of building a prosperity corridor for the First Nations.  It is an environmentally friendly technology that is the most energy efficient way to move material.  The adoption of Rail-Veyor opens up so many other benefits, such as a continuous loop of the Rail-Veyor cars (not only moving product above ground – the Rail-Veyor cars can also be used underground for the needs of the mining operations).   Furthermore, it is easily extendable to other locations so other mining companies would be able to use it in a commercial manner.  For a visual simulation of the Rail-Veyor, please visit www.canadachromecorp.com and scroll down to the video. We are in the process of reaching out to the First Nations for their thoughts on this exciting new technology.   The input of the First Nations will be a decision-driver for Canada Chrome Corp.

I was a participant in the Ontario Critical Mineral(s) Strategy round table this past month.  It was an informative session meant to drive the strategy and next steps for the province.  We are looking forward to the results as we move toward a greener future with the critical minerals this province has in abundance.

As a railroader, it is good to see the recent announcement that the Huron Central Railway will continue to operate.  Combined with the recent purchase of the Algoma Central Railway and the work Chief Jason Gauthier continues to progress with regards to a passenger rail system between the Soo and Hearst, there is optimism of growth of rail in the North.  This is beneficial to CCC and KWG as we continue to plan for a processing location (using the natural gas reduction method) and a logistics plan to move the ferrochrome, along with the secondary industry opportunities created with the development of the chrome industry in the north.






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